Office Administrators

Directory Board

Listings on the directory board in the main lobby are available for companies or persons leasing space in the building. Certain restrictions apply. We follow a set of guidelines in order to keep the directory board readable and organized.

To request a new listing or to change the existing listing, please click  the link  to access the tenant web portal https://uptime-ca/ 

Emergency Contact Information

We may need to contact representatives of your company after hours. Please make sure the emergency contact information we have on file for your company is complete and up to date.

To change or update this information, please click  the link  to access the tenant web portal https://uptime-ca/ 


UPG Property Group has created a tenant portal  (UPTIME) to all the available tenant forms for accessing building amenities and requesting certain building services. Please click the link to access the tenant web portal https://uptime-ca/ 

For full details, please call  604-525-8866 or email


To download the following information sheets, please click on the appropriate item below:

Insurance Requirements

All businesses located in the building are required to take out insurance coverage. This insurance coverage must include comprehensive general liability insurance and property damage insurance. For specific requirements, please refer to the lease agreement covering your premises.

The comprehensive general liability insurance must have a limit of not less than $3,000,000 per occurrence. This limit may be revised from time to time, and may be higher depending on, among other factors, the particular use of the premises.

The property damage insurance must include the full replacement value of the contents of the premises (i.e. furniture, fixtures, equipment) and the full replacement value of all leasehold improvements in the premises. Leasehold improvements covered under the tenant’s policy include all improvements in the premises, including walls, doors, glass, cabinetry, millwork, and wall and floor finishings, whether or not these were previously existing or installed by the tenant or the landlord. The building’s insurance policy covers only the base building and base building systems.

The landlord, UPG Property Group Inc., must be listed as an additional named insured on the policy.

For further information, please call  604-525-8866 or email


Moving Policy & Procedures

The moving policy and procedures apply to small and large office moves, and to the moving of office furniture and equipment (including replacement furniture) in excess of a single item.

Please click here to download the Moving Policy & Procedures document (PDF – 120 Kb) where you can read about the policies and procedures in detail.