Building Operations

Air Conditioning

Operating Hours

Cooled or heated air is provided during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. During these times, building temperature will be held within the range outlined below.

After hours and on weekends and Statutory Holidays, the building temperature will be allowed to drop to the night set back temperature of 16 degrees Celsius (winter months). On extreme warm Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months, the building will not be allowed to heat up beyond 26 degrees Celsius. At that point, the air conditioning will come on to keep the building at 26 degrees.


At Queen’s Park West, we follow the standards developed by American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). During the winter months, the optimum (set) temperature is 22 degrees Celsius (71 degrees Fahrenheit) and a range of 20.0 to 23.9 degrees Celsius. During the summer months, the set temperature is 24.5 degrees Celsius (76 degrees Fahrenheit) and the temperature will be kept within the range of 22.8 to 26.1 degrees Celsius.

Personal Preferences

Some people like it cooler, some people prefer warmer air. Some people dress warmly, some people do not. As such, it is impossible to provide an air temperature that everyone likes. Please appreciate that we cannot please everyone at all times. We follow the standards set by ASHRAE, which is a widely accepted standard for indoor office conditions. If the set temperature causes concern for you, please dress in layers or vary your clothing accordingly.

Window Coverings

During the summer months, in order to keep the building temperature within the desired range, it is desirable to keep the window coverings on the exterior windows closed during the hours that the sun is directly shining on the windows. This affects mainly the East and South sides of the building. On sunny days, when the window coverings are left open and the floor is allowed to heat up, it will take considerable time to cool the floor back down to the desired temperature range.

After-Hours Air Conditioning

On request, we can provide after-hours air conditioning. There is an hourly charge for this service to compensate for the cost of utilities and the additional equipment maintenance and servicing costs. For further information, please call 604-525-8866 or email We require 24 hours notice to allow for the programming of the air conditioning controls.

Building Hours

Regular building hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday (except Statutory Holidays). During these hours, the main entrance doors will be unlocked.

However, the hours during which the passenger elevators provide public access to the various floors may be restricted further. These hours are set by the tenants occupying each floor (or, for multi-tenant floors, by building management taking into consideration the regular operating hours of the tenants on the subject floor).

After-hours access is provided by way of a card access system. Access cards provide access to specific floors to authorized users only.

The building is closed to the public on all Statutory Holidays.

Card Access

Queen’s Park West is equipped with a sophisticated card access system that enables authorized users after-hours access to the building and access to secure floors. Card readers are located at the main entrance, in the elevators, and at doors throughout the building. Presenting a valid access card to the card reader will unlock the door or activate the elevator control panel.

Requests for new access cards must be authorized by the owner or manager of each company. Please use the tenant web portal to complete a card access request form.  (Note: Tenant access to the web portal will be granted to the owner or manager of the company only). Typically, access cards will be ready for pick-up at the building management office at Westminster Centre within 24 hours. The access card cannot be picked up by anyone other than the person to whom it is to be issued.

In order to maintain a high level of security, the loss of an access card must be reported without delay.

Elevator Access

The times that the elevators provide public access to each of the floors may vary from floor to floor. Typically, these hours are set by the tenant occupying the floor, or by building management taking into consideration the regular operating hours of the tenants on the subject floor. After hours, a valid access card must be presented to the reader located in the elevator control panels before the elevators will provide access to the desired floor.

To check the hours that the elevators provide public access to your floor, please contact our office.

Business owners and office managers wishing to provide us with instructions to change the elevator access times please complete the elevator access request form in the tenant web portal  .

Couriers and Deliveries

Couriers and delivery vehicles may use the main passenger elevator, however, for large deliveries or move-in’s/out’s please contact our office to schedule this in advance so we can install the protective pads and lock off the elevator for your exclusive use. This may only be scheduled after hours and on weekends as there is only one elevator serving the building. Tenants that do not follow these guidelines will be responsible for any damage caused to the elevator and finishes.

Janitorial Services

Cleaning services are provided to the common areas of the building 5 days per week (Monday to Friday, except Statutory Holidays). The night crew cleans all office floors starting at 5:00 p.m. During the daytime, the Day porter is available to assist with any spills or other janitorial duties. The Day porter’s primary duty is to keep the common areas of the building in a clean and presentable condition. Tenants are generally responsible for cleaning their own premises unless otherwise agreed to in your specific lease agreement.

Mail Delivery and Postal Codes

Mail Delivery

Queen’s Park West has a central mail box in the main lobby on the ground floor for mail delivery. Mail boxes are oriented by suite number and mail box keys can be signed out at the building management office at our nearby Westminster Centre property. Mail is typically delivered around 10 a.m., Monday to Friday.

Outgoing Mail

Red Canada Post mail boxes are located in front of Westminster Centre on Sixth Street and in the Royal City Centre plaza.

Postal Codes

The postal code for the building is V3L 1V3


In accordance with local bylaws and WorkSafeBC requirements, no smoking is permitted anywhere in the building at any time including in the parkade.