Queen’s Park West is equipped with the latest building systems.

Air conditioning

Queens Park West has state of the art building systems including a central chilled water air conditioning system with electric heat, which offers simultaneous cooling and heating and a constant supply of fresh air to the office floors. Temperature zoning capabilities are virtually endless with the ability to provide a total of up to 16 thermostats for the typical office floor.


Queens Park West is equipped with one fast passenger elevator that serves the parkade and all four office levels. The elevator is a high efficiency machine room less elevator that uses over70% less energy than traditional elevators. Only one elevator was provide as the lobby and main stair design is intended to embrace the environment and walk the building.


All office floors are equipped with recessed lighting fixtures with indirect volumetric lenses. Indirect lenses eliminate or reduce glare on computer monitors and are not as harsh on the eyes. All offices and meeting rooms are individually switched for optimum light control and all perimeter fixtures have daylight sensors and dim for energy savings when it is bright outside.


The building is equipped with modern security equipment including card access control and a high definition Megapixel CCTV camera system.


Telus, and Shaw Cable both provide telecommunication services to the building and are connected to each floor of the building.